The Guitar Lick Database

Upgrade history


  • Per a user’s request, Fretboarder now displays the root notes as squares to better differentiate them


  • New tag: “tapping”
  • New genres: “Funk” and “Rhythm ’n’ blues”
  • TGLD now has a Patreon page – if you like the site, you can help keep it alive and ad-free!


  • The amount of frets displayed by Fretboarder can be set to any value between 5 and 24


  • Display results on the search page in list or grid layout
  • Licks can now be transposed up to the 24th fret


  • Fretboarder can now display a single position of a any scale


  • Filter licks by tuning
  • Special tunings are now displayed in the details of each lick
  • New genre: “Southern rock”


  • Check out Fretboarder, a powerful fretboard viewer for guitar, bass & more!
  • New tags: “bottleneck” & “chicken picking”


  • A brand new design!
  • A tool to change the tuning of any lick
  • Improved playback controls & practice tools


  • New tags: “no bends” and “small bends”
  • Playback of the licks directly in the search results
  • Slide-ins and slide-outs in the tabs


  • Search by tonality & scale type
  • More infos in the description of the licks
  • Pages load much faster


  • The search parameters are now saved in the URL of the page, making it possible to bookmark a particular search (and also making navigation more practical)


  • A transposition tool to change the tonality of any lick
  • The search now combines tags instead of showing any lick with at least one of the selected tags


  • A metronome during playback (can be toggled on & off)
  • Volume controls for the playback and the metronome